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Kansai Institute of Information Systems (KIIS) helps promote the Rekishi Kaido (historic route) project by providing a database for historic cultural resources in and around the Kansai region through web pages Kansai Digital Archives. These pages are expected to encourage cultural activities and the use of advanced information technology, contributing to revitalization of the region.
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What is Rekishi Kaido?
-A Bridge to Japanese History and Culture-
"What do you know about Japan, besides the names of Japanese companies and products?"
The objective of the Rekishi Kaido project is to provide people in and outside Japan with a facility to access a wide variety of historic cultural resou rces in and around the Kansai region by designating a main route and several theme routes. Cooperation among the region's different communities is promot ed to implement the project with three goals: creating a base for transmitting information on Japanese culture; creating a new leisure area; and enhancing the quality of local communities through maximum utilization of their cul tural heritages. The main route (Ise-Asuka-Nara-Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe) involves f ive areas representing five different periods of Japanese history. The them e routes are based on local cultural heritages available in the six prefectu res in the Kansai region (Shiga, Kyoto, Osaka, Hyogo, Nara and Wakayama), and two neighboring prefectures (Mie and Fukui).
Since the opening of the Rekishi Kaido web pages in 1994, information on the region's cultural and historical assets associated with the Rekishi Kaido project has been provided to people in and outside Japan through the Internet.
These web pages are intended not to serve as a mere tourist guide but to help viewers gain a deeper insight into Japanese history and culture and appreciate the spirit behind them.

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