Yoshino Cho
Yoshino-choNara Prefecture

Renowned for its Cherry Blossoms and Asceticism

Yoshino boasts a rich cultural heritage based on a long history. The Yoshino Historical Museum collects, investigates and displays materials to encourage a proper appreciation of the town's history and traditional culture.
Learning from history is among the great wisdom our ancestors handed on to us. The materials collected and displayed at the museum, together with information obtained from the research conducted by the museum's staff, will serve as a base for better understanding of the town and the creation of a new local culture.

An image of Deva king at Kimpusen-ji Temple

Historic Cultural Resources
Kimpusen-ji Temple's Zao-do Hall

Yoshino-Mikumari Shrine

Kimpu Shrine

Katte Shrine

Nyoirin-ji Temple

Emperor Go-Daigo's Tomb
-- Tonoo no Misasagi --

Saigyo's Hermitage and Spring Kokeshimizu

Yoshino Shrine

Yoshino Historical Museum

Historic Cultural Resources Map
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