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The Tale of Genji is the world-renowned masterpiece of prose literature authored by the court lady Murasaki Shikibu in the early 11th century. The novel consists of 54 chapters, the last ten of which are known as the "Uji-jujo" since the setting of these chapters is mostly laid in Uji. Later, interested people selected ten spots in Uji which are closely connected with the novel. These spots are located near the Uji Bridge, on both banks of the Uji River.
[Chapter 45- Hashihime]
Situated at the western side of the Uji Bridge, the spot is connected with the Hashihime Shrine dedicated to Hashihime, a muse who safeguards the bridge.
[Chapter 46- Shiigamoto]
The historic spot known as Shiigamoto refers to the Ochikata Shrine, which is situated southeast of Uji Station on the Keihan Railway's Uji Line.
[Chapter 47- Agemaki]
The spot associated with this chapter is the point of ascent to Mt. Daikichi , north of Ujigami Shrine.
[Chapter 48- Sawarabi]
The spot associated with this chapter is along a promenade, north of Ujigami Shrine.
[Chapter 49- Yadorigi]
The spot associated with this chapter is 50 meters upstream from the inn zone on the Uji River's left bank.
[Chapter 50- Azumaya]
A stone statue of Kannon (Goddess of Mercy) called Azumaya Kannon stands southeast of Uji Station on the Keihan Railway's Uji Line.
[Chapter 51- Ukifune]
The spot associated with the heroine Ukifune is next to the belfry in the compound of Mimurodo Temple.
[Chapter 52- Kagero]
The Kagero stone on the lane leading from Uji Station to Mimurodo Temple.
[Chapter 53- Tenarai]
The spot associated with this chapter is situated along the Prefectural Highway Keihan Uji Route.
[Chapter 54- Yume no Ukihashi]
Situated on the south side of the Uji Bridge.
[Uji-jujo Monument]
This is not a historic spot but a monument symbolizing the entire group of historic spots associated with the novel's last ten chapters. It is designed in the image of the heroine Ukifune and Prince Niou in a small boat on the Uji River. Located in front of Uji Shrine, on the east side of the Asagiri Bridge.

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Source: The Uji municipal government

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