Tenri City
Isonokami Shrine

National Treasures and Designated Important Cultural Properties
Kofun Period, Heian Period
Legendary Fish Wataka

A sacred wood of Japanese cedar leading to the world of mythology

Isonokami Shrine is referred to in a poem included in Manyoshu, the earliest extant collection of Japanese poetry. The poem carries the following meaning: "the old holy cedar trees in Furu of Isonokami are solemn and venerable, which inspires me to a deeper love. "The shrine is dedicated.... to Futsunomitama no Okami. The Mononobe family patronized the shrine for generations. It holds many national treasures and important cultural assets including the famous seven-pronged sword, "Nanasaya no tachi." A legendary fish wataka lives in the Kagami pond surrounded by Japanese cedar trees. The silence of the dense wood around it invites visitors into a fantastic ancient world.

Source: The Tenri municipal government

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