Tawaramoto-choNara Prefecture

"Shiki-no-michi" Plan (Four-Seasons Route Plan)

The "Shiki no Michi" (four-seasons route) plan involves a network of walking trails systematically connecting places of historic interest, greenery and other recreational resources in Tawaramoto-cho and its surroundings.
The core of this plan is the route from the plans' main terminal, Tawaramoto Station on the Kinki Nippon Railway, to the Karako-Kagi site, a trail that is particularly rich in historic and cultural assets.

Earthware excavated from the Karako-Kagi site (with a picture of a tower drawn on it)

Tower at the Karako-Kagi site

Historic Cultural Resources
Josho-ji Temple

Kagamitsukuri Shrine

Anyo-ji Temple's Standing Image of Amitabha Tathagata

Karako-Kagi Site

Historic Cultural Resources Map
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