Tezuka Osamu Memorial Museum

Modern Period

Tezuka Osamu (1926-1989) is one of the leading and revolutionary authors of comic-strips postwar, whose works are still loved by many people, from young children to adults. Takarazuka is the place where Tezuka Osamu spent his childhood and adolescence and it is said that his experiences here in Takarazuka influenced his works very much.
This memorial museum was opened in April 1994 in Takarazuka. It is a unique structure, housing "Tezuka Osamu's World," which you can see, touch and feel. You can enjoy various displays and exhibitions, and also see Tezuka's popular characters on the floors and ceilings. The museum has permanent exhibitions, theme exhibitions which change a few times each year, high-vision screens and computers. There also is a special corner where you can experience some of the basic animation works.
The museum not only shows Tezuka's great achievements but also aims to contribute to advancement of comic-strip and animation culture.

Tourist Information

Source: The Takarazuka municipal government

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