Sasayama-choHyogo Prefecture
Though Sasayama-cho became Sasayama city, which is consolidated
with Nishiki-cho, Tannan-cho and Imada-cho in April/1999, we introduce
information of former Sasayama-cho on our web.

Favored with nature
Abundant in culture
Gentle breeze wanders about
As each season in and out
The scent of our hometown

The capital of Tamba, Sasayama, which used to enjoy prosperity as a center of culture and economy in the Tamba area, is a castle town with a tranquil and historic atmosphere.
As historical remains, there are the ruins of Sasayama Castle enclosed by moss-covered stone walls and a moat full of water, and samurai houses and tsumairi style merchant houses in Kawaramachi which surround the castle.

Historic Cultural Resources:
Remains of Sasayama Castle

"Dekansho" Song

Noh Play Stage at Kasuga Shrine

Famous Foods in Tamba Sasayama

Castle Town

Tamba Toji
(Chief Sake Brewers)

Remains of Yakami Castle
(Mt. Takashiro)

Kumobe-Kuruma-zuka Tomb Mound

Historic Cultural Resources Map
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