Omiya cho
Omiya-choKyoto Prefecture

Located in the center of the Tango Peninsula in the northwestern part of Kyoto Prefecture, Omiya-cho has a population of approx. 11,000. The Takeno River runs through the middle of the town. This is a peaceful rural area surrounded by mountains.
A national highway, Route 312, passes through the center of the town, and at the entrance of the town is the Tango Omiya Station of the Kita-Kinki Tango Railway. This town is known all over the country as the town of "Tango chirimen (silk crepe)."
Ono no Komachi, a famous female (waka) poet of the Heian Period (794-1185) is believed to have died in this town, Omiya-cho. The Komachi Park has been developed in the theme of Komachi. It was completed in the spring of 1997. Having one of the largest beech wood forests in northern Kansai, Omiya-cho is abundant in nature and has a romantic history.

The integrated community center, "Tango Masters Village" opened in the spring of 1995: In the public accommodation, "National Pension Health Center, Tango Omiya," you can relax in the "Omiya Komachi Spa." In "Kyoto Prefectural Omiya Fureai-Kobo (Studio)," people of different ages, from children to aged people, can communicate with each other as they experience the art of pottery and dyeing together.

(top right) Beech Wood Forests
(left) National Pension Health Center

Historic Cultural Resources

The Tomb of Ono no Komachi

Otani Tomb Mound

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