Minoh City
Nyoidani Dotaku (bronze bell)

 The Dotaku covered with mud

 Excavation site

 The buried dotaku

 Discoverer Mr. Toshio Honjo
On January 1, 1966, a local resident walking his dog, Mr. Toshio Honjo discovered a native bronze bell (dotaku) at the housing development construction site in a hilly area of Nyoidani, Minoh, Osaka Prefecture.
The dotaku is owned by:
The Agency for Cultural Affairs of the Ministry of Education

The lost parts were discovered by:
Mr. Ren Ishihara, Mr. Akira Takada, Mr. Akiharu Yoshioka and Mr. Genji Miyamoto

Most of the missing part was discovered by:
Mr. Yukihiro Murakawa and Mr. Hironobu Ishino

The excavation site was checked by:
Mr. Kenzaburo Torigoe and Mr. Naomasa Fujii

Source: The Minoh municipal government

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