Sawa Castle Ruins

Muromachi Period

Approx. 525 m above sea level, on the summit of the mountain southwest of Mt. Inasa, are ruins of Sawa Castle's donjon and outworks, called "Shiroyama," in the forms of flat surfaces, earthwork and canals.
The castle was built as the headquarters for the Sawa Family, which supplied one of the three leading generals of the Uda district between 1346-1370. Its use as a castle was discontinued 200 years after its construction. The well- known Christian daimyo (feudal clan lord), Takayama Ukon, resided in this castle during his childhood.
Its importance as a medieval-age castle is apparent from the reference to it in the famous "History of Japan" authored by the Portuguese missionary, Luis Frois (ca. 1532-97).

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Source: The Haibara municipal government

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