Kaicho-ji Temple

Designated Important Cultural Property (Buddhist Temple Bell)
Nara Period
Buddhist Images and Gingko Tree Designated by the Nara Prefectural Government

Six hundred meters above the sea level, Kaicho-ji is a temple located at the eastern foot of Mt. Yamato Fuji (Nukaidake), along the Tokaido natural public walkway.
The nine Fujiwara-style Buddhist images in the temple are proof of the temple's prosperity as a training center for religious precepts during the Fujiwara Period (the late 9th century to 1185).
In the compound, there are many things to see, including a copper bell with a relief of twelve god generals and the prefectural natural monument, ohatsuki-icho, a type of gingko tree with numerous small nuts at the joints of its leaves.

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Source: The Haibara municipal government

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