Amagasaki city
Amagasaki CityHyogo Prefecture

A City Associated with the Great Playwright, Chikamatsu

Kosai-ji Temple is located in the city of Amagasaki. In the precincts of this temple is the tomb of world-renowned dramatist Chikamatsu Monzaemon (1653-1724). The tomb is designated as a national historic spot. Since 1986 when the city celebrated the 70th anniversary of its municipalization, it has been undertaking various publicity activities in connection with Chikamatsu.
From September to November each year, the city carries out a campaign called "Chikamatsu Now." During these months are staged not only bunraku puppet and kabuki plays but also new original plays for young people. Seminars, lectures and exhibitions related to Chikamatsu are also held to help citizens familiarize themselves with his life and works. In addition, Kosai-ji, the Chikamatsu Memorial Museum and the Chikamatsu Park are used as central facilities for the "Chikamatsu no sato" (Chikamatsu's village) project to create a more attractive image of the city in association with the famous playwright.

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Tomb of Chikamatsu
(Kosai-ji Temple)

Chikamatsu Park

Chikamatsu Memorial Museum

Chikamatsu Research Center

The photo to the left shows one of the Chikamatsu monuments.
It is said that in his later years, Chikamatsu wrote many masterpieces in his private room at the back of the main building of Kosai-ji Temple. The room survived until the end of the Meiji Period. The Chikamatsu Memorial Museum, situated east of the temple, exhibits the black-lacquered writing desk he used habitually, the necrology containing his Buddhist and secular names and other related artifacts.
The municipal government is continuing efforts to promote Amagasaki as a city closely associated with this great playwright by encouraging people in contemporary Japan to be more aware of the importance of his works as cultural heritage.

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