IT Dissemination,Publicity,and Training


We develop a wide range of programs for IT dissemination, publicity and training, centering on delivery of information to support IT utilization in businesses and local government offices.


IT Support for Key Companies and Small Businesses


With the goal of restoring the competitiveness of key companies and small and medium-size businesses through strategic infomatization, in addition to information and support, we provide trainings for company personnel in areas ranging from management strategy to IT introduction.


Computer Education


・To train the personnel who will actually carry out computerization, we conduct training programs ranging widely from computer literacy to network security technologies.
・For the education using Internet, we conduct deeper studies based on our operation results.


Events and Publications


・In step with new technical developments and the implementation of e-government policies, we hold symposiums and seminars and issue periodic publications to furnish information that will promote local informatization.