Chairman's Message Shunzo Morishita


The ongoing activities of KIIS as a core facility for the promotion of infomatization in the Kansai area have been sustained by generous support from our member organizations;from the national and local government bodies such as the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and the prefecture and city of Osaka; and from Kansai economic groups and academic institutions.


Over the years, KIIS has developed a wide range of activities including studies on appropriate IT patterns for the development of Kansai industries and regional technology, studies on infomatization for governments and for community planning and activation,lectures and international symposiums on the promotion of national IT policies, and system development and data processing programs for health insurance societies and for education.


In the last few years our business and social environments have been transformed by the "IT revolution" driven by the explosive growth of the Internet and rapid development of mobile information devices and home information appliances.
Yet as Japan weathers a transition period of structural reform in many fields, working to shed traditional models and build a 21st-century advanced information society, serious questions have emerged as to how rapidly various levels of society will be able to make effective use of IT.


KIIS is in the process of identifying and publicizing the patterns of the IT revolution.
We are also preparing policy proposals to shape the development of IT, and thus taking on a more central role in the creation of the future information society in our region.
Furthermore, our role in industrial development will become stronger and more effective as KIIS formally takes over some of the programs of the Kansai Industrial Renovation Center from April 2002 due to reorganization/integration project for the related foundations.


As we move forward with these important programs, we have every hope of continuing to receive valuable assistance and guidance from all concerned.


Shunzo Morishita









Shunzo Morishita