This time, the Foundation is based on institutional reform public
benefit corporation, has been moved to "general incorporated foundation
Kansai Institute of Information Systems" in April 1, 2012.
General incorporated foundation Kansai Institute of Information Systems
(KIIS: Keith) is the development of information technology with the
cooperation of the Kansai region for your support and supporting member
companies, has implemented various projects for industrial activity.





The Kansai Institute of Information System (KIIS) is a foundation established in 1970
as a center for the promotion of infomatization,sponsored mainly by leading Kansai
economic groups with support from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry,
the Osaka Prefectural governments, the City of Osaka and local universities. The
Institute conducts various programs aimed mainly toward defining the information
society of the future for the Kansai area. kiistop